Jim Hogan

FleaHab Remembers Philanthropist and Friend Jim Hogan

We are deeply saddened of the passing of Jim (James) Hogan, Founder of Heart of Technology. Literally the heart of the organization, Jim was an inspiration to many and an advocate for those less fortunate. He was passionate about helping disadvantaged kids and providing opportunities for them to succeed in life. He was a champion for underprivileged students to get the support they need for an education. And he believed in giving second chances to those recovering from drug and alcohol addiction to live a good and productive life. His compassion was only out-weighed by the love of his family, for which he strove to make the world a better place.

Since 2009, Heart of Technology raised over $200,000 to benefit charities and non-profits in need. Among those helped was FleaHab Sober Living of Santa Cruz County. Jim was part of the fundraising effort years earlier that helped Flea open the house for men, and he joined the FleaHab board in September 2020.

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