A New Approach to Sober Living

The mission of FleaHab is to provide a sober living environment that integrates sports, nutrition and healthy lifestyle into recovery. Directed by big wave surfer Darryl (“Flea”) Virostko, FleaHab offers a new approach to sober living and new hope for those recovering from drug and alcohol addiction.

  • FleaHab expands upon the traditional concept of the sober living environment (SLE) to focus on a holistic mind, body and spirit approach to recovery
  • FleaHab involves daily physical activity and sports replacing the high of drugs with the endorphins of exercise
  • FleaHab supports a healthy community where clients interact in positive ways

The FleaHab House

The FleaHab House offers a positive atmosphere to build a solid foundation that helps recovering addicts transition to society and lead happy lives. Our house provides a clean, safe, and supportive community where residents adapt to sober life through structured chores, meetings, sports and shared activities. We are focused on nutrition and healthy lifestyle, and encourage residents to use food and spiritual activities to fuel their bodies and their minds.

The FleaHab House is newly remodeled and can accommodate up to 6 residents (men only). It is conveniently located to shopping, dining and most importantly, the beach!

Our Program

FleaHab supports a healthy community where clients interact in positive ways.

Our Philosophy

There are many ways to drown, and too many folks are struggling in the waters of life, reaching for something real to grasp. FleaHab is about reclaiming solid inner ground. Darryl has been there and knows how to make that happen: with exercise, activities and a deep re-connection to one’s essential nature.

Resident Responsibilities and Requirements

  • No drugs, alcohol, violence, or overnight guests
  • Active participation in a 12-Step Program
  • Random drug & alcohol tests
  • On-time payments
  • Involvement in sports or healthy lifestyle program
  • Positive interaction with FleaHab community and residents
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