1st Annual Golf Tournament

FleaHab 1st Annual Golf Tournament is Sunday, Nov 13

The event is SOLD OUT!
Sundays Tournament update:

  • The game will be “best ball.”
  • Check-in is between 10am and 11am and game begins 12pm.
  • Participants will also receive a FleaHab 1st Annual Tournament Hat and sleeve (3) Golf Balls
FleaHab Golfball


  • Raffle draw, $5.00 Mulligans -each sold with raffle ticket.
  • Closest-to-the-hole for each par-three.

FleaHab thanks Quiksilver Waterman clothing for their generous contribution to the tournament.

Numerically ranked by Start Time and Teams matched with Surfer

  1. Darryl “Flea” Virostko——–3 time Mavericks Champion and Big Wave Surfer
  2. Ken “Skin Dog” Collins——–Billabong XXL Ride of the Year winner
  3. Josh Loya———————–Pro Surfer and Big Wave Surfer
  4. Jeff Clark————————Mavericks Founder, Shaper and Big Wave Surfer
  5. Shawn Dollar——————-Billabong XXL Biggest Paddle in Winner
  6. Jason “Ratboy” Collins——–Pro Surfer and Innovative Aerialist
  7. Shawn “Barney” Barron——-Pro Surfer, Artist and Big Wave Surfer
  8. Jamie Sterling——————2010/11 Big Wave World Champion
  9. Grant Washburn—————Mavericks contestant/early Mavericks pioneer
  10. Bud Freitas ———————Pro Surfer

Golf Team Breakdown

  1. Mark Taylor, Jason Miller, Jason Miller’s Friend
  2. Nancy Napoli, Frank Hagaman, Aaron Burke
  3. Jay Boothe, Steve Virostko, Terri Eckart
  4. Scott Watkins, Chuck Chavez, Adam Flechsig
  5. Richard Schmitt, Lani Virostko, Danny Kent
  6. Rocky Raynor, Rocky Raynor Friend, Luke Maura
  7. Paul Quilici, Kyle Murphy, Jake Fusari
  8. Steve Colton, Melissa Virostko, Brian Friel
  9. James Cook, Mark Holguin, Troy Virostko
  10. Paul Perez, Paul Perez Friend, David Wertz
There is your full roster of Pro Surfers!

FleaHab is proud to announce its 1st Annual Golf Tournament at the Ritz Carlton in Half Moon Bay California on November 13th! Join 10 professional surfers for a memorable day of golfing for a good cause! Each ticket provides a unique opportunity to play a round of golf on a team with one of ten world-renowned surfers. All proceeds go to benefit FleaHab, a newly formed non-profit organization.

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